About Souleye

From frontman to father

Souleye’s musical career began in the trunk of a car. The rapper, hip-hop artist and songwriter was on his way to a party in pastoral New England hill country in a car so laden down with his friends that he and another teen hopped in the trunk. The year was 1996, and Souleye was still Mario Treadway, a high school kid and basketball player who had spent his entire life in the New England backwoods around Sturbridge, MA.
souleye and family

“I just remember the trees and the bonfire,” says Souleye. He doesn’t remember who the girl was, where the party was, or the name of the kid by the fire dropping lyrics. “He was just another kid, rhyming by the fire. I jumped in and just started rhyming.”

As one verse flowed into another, Souleye’s love for music blossomed and by the end of that evening, that bonfire session propelled him onto a road into the world of music and instilled in him and his lyrics a sense of mystical spirit. Souleye had found his musical path, which became all the more powerful when he lost both his best friend and his brother in short order.

“My brother had given me a sticker before he died,” Souleye says. “It said ‘Music Matters.’ When I visited his apartment later, I saw a ‘Music Matters’ sticker on the ceiling.”

From that moment, Souleye’s dedication to music has remained unwavering. With six studio albums, an EP, and more than 20 singles to his credit, Souleye has become one of the most prolific voices in hip hop. In addition to touring as a solo artist, Souleye has toured with BLVD and BASSNECTAR. He also collaborates frequently with artists in virtually every genre of music.

In 2009, while at a meditation gathering, he met singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette. They married in 2010 and he opened her 2012 “Guardian Angel” world tour. The couple has there children, Ever, Onyx, and Winter make their home in Los Angeles.

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